copies, copying, copied
1) N-COUNT: usu N of n If you make a copy of something, you produce something that looks like the original thing.

The reporter apparently obtained a copy of Steve's resignation letter...

Always keep a copy of everything in your own files.

2) VERB If you copy something, you produce something that looks like the original thing.

[V n] She never participated in obtaining or copying any classified documents for anyone.

[V n] ...lawsuits against companies who have unlawfully copied computer programs.

[V n] designers, whose work has been widely copied...

[V n from n] Firmicus relates that he copied the chart from a book by Aesculapius.

3) VERB If you copy a piece of writing, you write it again exactly.

[V n] He would allow John slyly to copy his answers to impossibly difficult algebra questions...

[V n into n] He copied the data into a notebook...

[V from n] We're copying from textbooks because we don't have enough textbooks.

Copy out means the same as copy.

V P n (not pron) He wrote the title on the blackboard, then copied out the text sentence by sentence... V n P `Did he leave a phone number?' - `Oh, yes.' She copied it out for him.

4) VERB If you copy a person or what they do, you try to do what they do or try to be like them, usually because you admire them or what they have done.

[V n] Children can be seen to copy the behaviour of others whom they admire or identify with...

[V n] He can claim to have been defeated by opponents copying his own tactics.

[V n from n] ...the coquettish gestures she had copied from actresses in soap operas.

Derived words:
copying N-UNCOUNT

Children learn by copying.

5) N-COUNT: oft N of n A copy of a book, newspaper, or record is one of many that are exactly the same.

I bought a copy of `USA Today' from a street-corner machine...

You can obtain a copy for $2 from New York Central Art Supply.

6) N-UNCOUNT In journalism, copy is written material that is ready to be printed or read in a broadcast. [TECHNICAL]

...his ability to write the most lyrical copy in the history of sports television.

...advertising copy.

7) N-UNCOUNT In journalism, copy is news or information that can be used in an article in a newspaper. [TECHNICAL]

...journalists looking for good copy.

8) See also , carbon copy, hard copy
Phrasal Verbs:

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